The 2013 Eric Will Gymnastics Team

The Girls Team Zombie Dance

The 2014 Eric Will Gymnastics Boys Team

Welcome to the Eric Will Gymnastic Center

We have been here in La Habra since 1980. It is our hope that there will be many more years that we are introducing the greatest sport in the world to a whole new generation of children and as matter of fact many baby boomers as well.

Rollie Pollies & Fire Flies



Youth & Teen Tumbling


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New Team Members

Congratulations! After our Team tryouts the following girls have been invite to team: Julia Kang Hayden Huerta Indiana Bomgaars Anice Alcala Lily Rosener Vivian Veach Sophie Morales Coach Dayspring and the rest of the team is glad to welcome you! A special thank you to all who tried out. We encourage you to train hard as we see great potential.

No Spring Break

NO Spring Break at the gym. Neighboring schools have different spring breaks so we will remain OPEN. All classes will be held as scheduled. As a reminder: we only allow one make-up, per session, per enrolled class.  

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