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Parent and Me (2-4 yrs.)

Parent and Me is offered as an intro to gymnastics for toddlers focusing on balance, coordination and body awareness.   The class is lead by an energetic instructor with parents or grandparents involvement as an opportunity for the curious or independent child to explore the gym with supervision.

Rollie Pollies (4-5 yrs.) / Fire Flies (5-6 1/2 yrs.)

Rollie Pollies and Fire flies are fun introductions to gymnastics based on age. These classes are taught by an instructor without parent involvement. Do not worry you can still watch from the bleacher area. The class ration is 6-1 instructor for Rollie Pollies and 7-1 for Fire Flies.

Beg./ Int./ Adv. Girls (6 1/2-13 yrs. )

Girls classes are structured instruction of all girls gymnastic events- bars, beam, vault, floor and include the use of trampoline and the pit. These classes are divided by skill level and taught from a skills list selected by Eric Will. The ratio is 8-1 instructor and testing is required to move up through levels.

Boys 1 and 2 ( 7-15 yrs.)

Boys classes are structured instruction of men’s gymnastics based on skill level. Boys 1 focuses on beginning skills taught on floor, horizontal bar, vault, rings and trampoline. Boys 2 is the next level which then adds skills on pommel horse and parallel bars. The ratio is 8-1 instructor and testing is required to move up through levels.

Youth Tumb. (6 1/2-12 yrs.)/ Teen Tumbling (13-18 yrs.)

Tumbling classes offer instruction of tumbling skills exclusively with the use of trampoline and floor. The class are divided by age and skill. Class ratio are 8-1 instructor or 15-2. Adv. Tumbling classes require a round-off back handspring.

Adult (18+ yrs.)

The Adult class offers an opportunity for parents and anyone 18 and over the opportunity to learn beginning gymnastics skills or to refresh their skills. We have a wide range of skill, ability and age. This class requires an active lifestyle and some upper body strength.